Water Security

Episode 15 - Global Water Security

Mike Gremillion and Dr. Kate Brauman are leading the Univ. of Alabama's Global Water Security Center to make water data, both domestically and internationally, more available and especially more accessible for governments, industry, and communities to make more informed water management decisions.

Episode 5 - Water Security Part Deux

"The changing climate is partly to blame for reduced water, but the human footprint and over-harvesting of water and hydro electricity are significant concerns that will continue to grow as more people migrate to the region and if people continue to use water with reckless abandon."

Episode 4 - Water Security Teaser

"What I do know, and what I can say confidently is that we, as a society, have more information, observations, modeling, and insights into our climate and global systems than we have ever had at any point in history, so if we're going to solve this problem, I think now is the time to go after it."


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