Show Notes

Hosts:  Jeff Cunningham and Ryan Harris

Guests: Mr. Mike Gremillion, Director of the Global Water Security Center and Dr. Kate Brauman, Associate Director for Communications and Analysis

Description:  Our human bodies are made of more than 60% water, and water makes up 71% of Earth, yet only 0.5% of the world's water is fresh and drinkable.  As the climate continues to change and global population increases, many communities are having to grapple with diminishing water resources.  Mike Gremillion and Dr. Kate Brauman are leading the Global Water Security Center to make water data, both domestically and internationally, more available and especially more accessible for governments, industry, and communities to make more informed water management decisions.  LISTEN HERE.


Latest weather, water, and climate news


Introducing the Global Water Security Center


Defining water security and making water data more accessible


Economic value of water data and bridging disconnects


Global Water Security Center stakeholders and new NOAA cooperative institute for Hydrology R2O


The water footprint: commodities, supply chain, hamburgers, and beer security


Lightning Round