Show Notes

Hosts: Ryan Harris and Guest Host Wayne MacKenzie

Guest: Dr. Sarah Kapnick, NOAA Chief Scientist

Description: When NOAA selected Dr. Sarah Kapnick as the agency's Chief Scientist, in many respects she was an "outside of the box" selection. True, she already had a strong pedigree of science experience, something one would expect for the Chief Scientist. But what made her uniquely qualified and yet still "outside the box" was her diversity of experience across public, academic, and private, including heavy work in the finance sector. In the latest Triple Pointâ„¢, you'll hear from the current NOAA Chief Scientist about how she is encouraging the agency to think beyond the status quo. Incentivizing innovation through simple measures in performance workplans, encouraging a mantra to follow your curiosity, and using unique consortia to advance research through Industry-University Cooperative Research Centers (IUCRCs) are just a few ways Dr. Kapnick is helping NOAA think outside the box. LISTEN HERE


Crazy weather last week in D.C. and for the tropics coming this summer


Dr. Kapnick's career of following her curiosity


Outside the box mindset and innovative research through IUCRCs


How diverse experience and incentivizing innovation helps cultivate an outside the box workforce


Retaining strong talent in federal agencies like NOAA


Prediction time: the power of seasonal prediction and AI within 10 years


Advice for young professionals: there's no "right" path, so follow your curiosity


Lightning Round