Show Notes

Host:  Ryan Harris

Guest: Lieutenant Colonels Jeremy DeHart and Kyle Larson, U.S. Air Force 53rd Weather Reconnaissance Squadron (aka The Hurricane Hunters)

Description:  Most people run from hurricanes.  Jeremy DeHart and Kyle Larson run toward them, or rather, they fly into them...on purpose.  They are part of the storied unit, the United State Air Force Hurricane Hunters, that literally fly directly into the eye of the storm to collect all-important weather observations to feed critical information into weather models and narrow down the cone of uncertainty.  Without the information, the intensity and track of hurricane predictions would be wildly inaccurate.  Take a journey with us as we explore Hurricane Hunter missions in Michael, Ian, and even the atmospheric rivers that flooded California this January.  LISTEN HERE


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Journey to becoming a Hurricane Hunter


Flight planning for hurricane and atmospheric river missions


Hurricane data and sensing technology


Crabbing into the wind


What's it like to fly through a hurricane?


Climate change and hurricanes


President Biden thanks the Hurricane Hunters


How to become a hurricane hunter


Key takeaways: reduce the cone of uncertainty, heed hurricane and evacuation warnings, and protect people