Show Notes

Host: Ryan Harris

Guest: Colonel Kris Saling, Director of Innovation at U.S. Army Recruiting Command

Description: Technology across career fields, from artificial intelligence to cloud computing and more, is advancing so rapidly. But technology is just one of many tools in our toolbox, and at the end of the day, communities, governments, private businesses, and organizations still rely on people to advance the world around us.  Managing people through human resources and talent management still largely remains a transactional process.  Thinking outside the box in talent management requires us to holistically and deliberately manage people across their careers and teams rather than just filling a gap.  Thinking outside the box also means seeing risk like diversifying a financial investment portfolio to include understanding the risk of maintaining the status quo.  Innovation will best thrive when we find champions to help align values and work and consider setting up small innovation cells that are separate from the main bureaucracy but still together enough to build trust.  Want to know some secrets to build a high-performing super hero team?  Tune in to the latest outside the box episode where Colonel Kris Saling from the U.S. Army joins The Triple Point to share her lessons learned in accelerating talent management innovation. LISTEN HERE


A journey shaped by happy accidents


Re-thinking talent management: getting beyond defending resources, seeing risk like financial portfolio diversification


Thinking outside the largely transactional talent management box


More talent management outside the box: together but separate, innovation cells, find a champion, show the return on investment


Building high-performing teams in the work-from-home environment


Kris Saling publishing Data Driven Talent Management book


Lightning Round