Show Notes

Host: Ryan Harris

Guest: TC Moore (Owner of Atlantic States Weather) and Dan Schreiber (CCM at J.S. Held)

Description: Billions of dollars in insurance and personal injury litigation cases get settled every year in the U.S.  In some of these cases, the weather can become a significant factor in proving or disproving damage, negligence, or possibly even fault.  In such cases, companies, lawyers, the insurance industry, or courts seek the expert advice of an American Meteorological Society Certified Consulting Meteorologist.  CCMs TC Moore and Dan Schreiber come on the show to discuss the CCM process and describe interesting and informative examples of how important forensic weather information can provide in these cases.  As weather-fueled events like the recent Maui wildfires continue, the need for honest, unbiased, and professional weather knowledge from qualified CCMs will always be valuable.  And it pays (literally) when agencies can proactively reach out to the CCM community ahead of time in the insurance and litigation process. LISTEN HERE

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Journey into Consulting Meteorology


What is Forensic Weather and a Certified Consulting Meteorologist (CCM) and what does it take to be one?


Managing and communicating weather uncertainty in the courtroom


Case studies in forensic weather cases


Integrity of unbiased meteorological advice


Data and tools used in forensic weather consulting


Lightning Round