Show Notes

Hosts:  Jeff Cunningham and Ryan Harris

Guest: Alex Hoon, Senior Meteorologist at NV Energy

Description:  In Part II of our discussion with Alex Hoon from NV Energy, we discuss how energy firms are mitigating future fire risk by using spark-resistant technology on power lines, contracting out additional fire personnel to remove vegetation fuels, and also using high-resolution weather modeling technology to pinpoint precise thunderstorm locations and high risk fire areas based on weather parameters.  Taking these measures and using meteorological experts like Alex allow companies like NV Energy to mitigate risks before fires arise.  You’ll also hear how the built environment plays a role in fire risk and how a single thunderstorm over Las Vegas can burn millions of dollars and energy resources.  Knowing the weather and climate buys down enormous risk for the energy sector.


Meteorologists in energy companies like NV Energy


Is human development & climate change making wildfires worse?


Using advanced tech for energy trading and to mitigate fire risks