Show Notes

Host: Ryan Harris

Guest: Scott Mackaro, Head of Insights and Innovation, Vaisala X-Weather

Description: What if NOAA’s global weather model didn’t exist in 10 years?  It’s a provocative question that challenges conventional wisdom, but it’s a question worth considering as Google, NVIDIA, and others are challenging the weather modeling space with their rapidly advancing AI technology.  The government should still probably play some sort of role in shaping and regulating this potential future paradigm shift similar to how the government regulates the safety of insulin and other pharmaceuticals while still promoting innovation.  Scott Mackaro from Vaisala X-Weather joins the show for what may turn out to be the first in a series of Outside the Box episodes. LISTEN HERE


Early beginnings: science, technology, and having an impact


Challenging the status quo


Step 1 in thinking outside the weather box: defining the box or does the box even exist?



A weather marketplace where government both serves and leverages private sector innovations like AI weather predictions


Prediction time: will global weather models still be needed in 10 years?


Advice for up and coming meteorologists


Lightning round