Show Notes

Hosts:  Jeff Cunningham and Ryan Harris

Guest: Brent Shaw, Senior Director of Scientific and Content Engineering at DTN

Description: Weather and climate is big business, but business value creation is not always created with only running the best weather models. Instead, value is generated when weather companies solve customer problems. Learn how Brent Shaw delivers relevant, reliable, and scalable solutions with an understanding a customer's "five whys".  In this episode we discuss the latest trends in weather modeling, Brent's experience with the "bird poo algorithm", and many more commercial weather insights. Throughout, Brent gives sage advice for early weather career professionals seeking to work in the military, government, or commercial sectors. LISTEN HERE


Triple Point Jobs Board

Journey to becoming a commercial weather innovator


How meteorologists can create commercial value


Being reliable, relevant, scalable is really where the money is



A good place for machine learning is where we know there's a connection between the atmosphere, the ocean, and some impact the customer cares about


Solving problems through the socioeconomic lens


How non-weather/climate communities can start to observe their data better so that we can do machine learning and AI better


The role of government and commercial weather services


The bird poo algorithm!


Does a weather and climate company need to own the vertical?


The gamer changer "SpaceX" moment for weather commercialization


Thoughts for early career professionals