Show Notes

Host: Jeff Cunningham and Ryan Harris

Guest: Paul Walsh, CEO of Meteomatics N.A.

Description: “There’s an amazing amount of unclaimed value in businesses bringing in weather and climate data.” That’s from Paul Walsh, CEO of Meteomatics N.A. and our most recent guest on the Triple Point™.  In order to create repeatable business revenue with weather and climate data, Paul also shares his recipe for success that has helped him throughout his fruitful weather business career: Know the weather, Make it actionable with the right analytics, and (most importantly) Integrate it into existing business decision systems.  Finally, we also learn how a vertically-integrated company like Meteomatics creates digital resilience and uses its data and api platform, high-resolution weather modeling, and unique vertical sounder (the Meteodrone) to create value for a wide array of businesses. LISTEN HERE




A Military Weather Background Provides a Solid Foundation


Translating Weather Data Into Value and Annual Recurring Revenue: Make it Actionable


Assess the Weather, Tie with Impact Analytics, Integrate into Business Systems


Creating Digital Resilience


A "Scale-Up" Weather Analytics Firm


Vertical Weather Integration: MeteoDrone Sensing, User-Ready Data Cache, Modeling


"Breaking into Businesses" to Deliver Weather Intelligence


"There's an amazing amount of unclaimed value (using weather data) in the business world."


Small Business Starts in Weather


Lightning Round