Show Notes

Hosts:  Jeff Cunningham and Ryan Harris

Guest: Matt Stratton, Harrison County, MS Director of Emergency Management

Description:  For our first episode we chatted with Matt Stratton from Harrison County, MS Emergency Management.  We had a lively discussion on weather and climate, technology and how that connects with society. We also discussed a 2020 “woods” fire that threatened Harrison county communities.


'Huge firefight' to defend New Mexico villages, city from blaze |

ReutersWildfires across the nation (Reuters)Rough Wildfire Year in Boulder (NPR)

Bronco Ember (NASA-funded cubesat project)

Harrison County Weather

National Wildfire Preparedness Day

National Interagency Fire Center

UN Environment Programme Report: Spreading Like WildfireFire Map - NASA | LANCE | FIRMS

Weather and climate news


From Air Force meteorologist to emergency management


Harrison County emergency response to 2020 "Woods Fire"


Tools, technology, social media, and disaggregated data


Overcoming communication barriers to communicate risk to the public