Show Notes

Hosts:  Jeff Cunningham and Ryan Harris

Guest: No Guest

Description:  In two separate reports in 2016 and 2019, NOAA evaluated just the U.S. weather industry to be worth $35 billion. In the last six years starting with IBM’s purchase of The Weather Channel, and especially in the last two years, the industry has likely ballooned even higher as investors, businesses, risk managers, and communities are realizing not only the value of buying down environmental risk, but how to scale technology to the level of what once was only possible by governments.  Jeff and Ryan talk about the growing weather and climate business and tee up future podcast episodes that will aim to cover the weather and climate industry sectors.


Weather and climate in the news


Economic costs and value of weather and climate


The drive to commercialize more weather information


Does the government still have a role in providing weather and climate services?