Show Notes

Host: Ryan Harris

Guest: Dr. Rob Young, Director for the Study of Developed Shorelines at Western Carolina University

Description: Next up in our series of “Outside the Box” conversations is a discussion with Dr. Rob Young on how “the box” for coastal resilience may actually be inside out.  Conventional wisdom for coastal adaptation is all about communities trying to protect their map and their tax base.  Better management, monitoring, systems thinking to minimize unintended consequences, and taking time to study whether adaptation measures are actually working or not are some basic measures that can improve resilience strategies.  Outside the box thinking in this space also requires legislative progress and what many are increasingly calling for a National Adaptation Plan.  Hard choices are required by local municipalities and businesses when it comes to adaptation, and we need to be honest with ourselves and where we invest in coastal adaptation if we are going to truly move the needle on making our communities more resilient. LISTEN HERE


Real adaptation is local


Coastal resilience conventional wisdom: protecting the map and tax base


Coastal resilience: maybe the box is inside out


Solutions: a functional Congress and a National Adaptation Plan


Managed retreat (or adaptative migration)


Technology helping with coastal resilience: Lidar on drones, GIS


The breakthrough for national adaptation requires a series of major focusing events


Lightning Round