Show Notes

Host: Jeff Cunningham and Ryan Harris

Guest: Don Berchoff, CEO of TruWeather Solutions

Description: Who pays attention to the weather when there is no pilot on board an aircraft? This is the situation for beyond visual line of site (BVLOS) unmanned aerial vehicles which fly without the world's best weather sensor, a pilot. Don Berchoff and the TruWeather team are delivering on a promise to reduce micro-weather uncertainty for Beyond Visual Line of Sight operations, with a focus on "over-the-horizon" hard-to-detect weather hazards. TruWeather’s efforts seek to replace the loss of the “human sensor”, the pilot, on board the aircraft and increase airframe revenue generation and effectiveness when weather is marginal for operations. In this episode, we unpack this wicked problem and create a few new weather conspiracy theories along the way. LISTEN HERE


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