Show Notes

Hosts:  Jeff Cunningham, Ryan Harris, and Guest Host Dr. Eric Hunt

Guest: Marisol Maddox, Senior Arctic Analyst at the Polar Institute for the Wilson Center

Description:  The Arctic is a hot topic, both literally and figuratively.  The region is experiencing warming two to four times faster than the rest of the globe, and the far-reaching impacts on the rest of the globe are significant.  In Greek, the word “arktikos” means “near the bear,” as in Ursa Major, but it’s also home to another bear: Russia.  Since the unprovoked Russian invasion of Ukraine in 2022, the provocation has disrupted global norms in many ways, but no more so than Arctic cooperation.  Because of how austere the environment, unpredictable atmospheric and cryospheric challenges, and significant gaps in environmental sensing data, the Russian invasion has all but halted meaningful cooperation.  Beyond these foreign policy challenges, the region is home to thawing permafrost, retreating sea ice, the largest climate tipping points, introduction of prehistoric zombie viruses, and the desire to find a more efficient transpolar shipping route for global commerce as sea ice continues to disappear.  Improving Arctic sensing, research, and geostrategic linkages will be key focus areas to better understand and prepare for the globe’s most pressing climate change threats.  LISTEN HERE


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