Show Notes

Hosts:  Jeff Cunningham and Ryan Harris

Guest: Bonnie Schneider, Meteorologist and Author of two books including Taking the Heat

Description:  The Triple Point Podcast is back in 2023, and Ryan makes a bold prediction for the new year as we kick things off with a great show hosting Bonnie Schneider to talk about her latest book, Taking the Heat: How Climate Change is Affecting Your Mind, Body & Spirit, and What You Can Do About It.  The book and our conversation with Bonnie reveal not only some unique climate effects impacting our health - including eco-anxiety, the impact of warmer night-time temperatures on our sleep patterns, and solastalgia (you’ll have to listen to find out more on that one) - but most importantly provide tools you can leverage to optimize your wellness in a warming world like regenerative farming, mindfulness, and more.  LISTEN HERE


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Atmospheric rivers in California and lake effect snows in New York


Early beginnings as a TV meteorologist


Perseverance and other author writing tips from Bonnie


Growing eco-anxiety and the role of the media


Climate change effects on communities


Taking the heat: thermoregulation and the negative impact on sleep


Developing the next generation of science leaders


Climate change and the future of food: regenerative agriculture


Lightning Round