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Hosts:  Jeff Cunningham and Ryan Harris

Guest: No Guest

Description:  Sensing technology and the environmental observations they take provide the data fuel that powers weather prediction.  More quality observations are needed across land, sea, and air to more accurately predict everything from the weather tomorrow to high-impact events like the track and intensity of Hurricane Ian for instance.  Industry in this area is set to explode as new proprietary sensing technologies are used by companies and with the development of dual-use technology to harness observations from environmental sensors via the Internet of Things (IoT).  LISTEN HERE


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Hurricane Ian, sensing sensitivities, and data quality


The importance of sensing technology and observations for predictions


Filling data gaps and new sensing technology to improve hurricane and other forecasts


Weather observation applications: water, transportation, agriculture, wildfires, and more


Future of sensing: drones, dual-use technology, IoT, the cloud, and more